The House

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to THE HOUSE OF ADJEIWAAH a contemporary clothing line launched in 2011; show casing an eclectic selection of uniquely designed attire rich in opulence and sophistication. But also very much at the opposite end of the spectrum from what is considered as following trends and tradition. Influenced by the vibrant African culture and the beauty of the landscape combined with the modern-day west. The signature look is the use of African print material a brilliant mixture of texture, colour, and shape evoking the grandeur and rawness of the rural motherland but also showing vision of feminine beauty that is totally original.

This is a fashion house that intends on promoting and preserving the empowerment of the most beautiful creature that ever lived, a women. The philosophy behind every intricate detail of each individual design is that there are no boundaries or limits therefore no matter what size, colour or height u are once you have experience wearing an outfit created by this house you will instantly feel a sense of regalness, honour and an inner confidence to know that you are in fact a Queen.

This fashion house has managed to slip out of the restrictive utility armour and where there is constant seriousness and purpose there is now gloss, glamour and joy.

Adjeiwaah is a socially conscious fashion label and intends to use fashion as a medium to bring awareness to charities that help to combat child trafficking in Ghana and rescue children who have been stripped of a normal childhood and reunite them back with their families.